Every day, computer technology becomes faster, more reliable and programs become easier to use. Modern computers are so powerful and inexpensive, it is becoming hard to justify not owning one. If you want a personal computer, don’t wait for them to be perfected.Even though computers are a great technological bargain, you can still get burned, and it’s best to have a plan for acquiring one. Many computer shoppers make a classic mistake — they (1) buy a computer, then (2) buy some programs, then they (3) learn how to use the programs, then they (4) learn about the computer itself. This is exactly backwards.

At Watersong Computers we offer to sit down and discuss what your needs and expectations of a computer are. We then discuss the software and hardware requirements you will need while adressing hardware upgrade potential and free software options where applicable. We then come up with a price quote for your perfect computer. Additionally we can order, test, update and setup your new computer.

When it comes to computer brands, we can help you acquire any one you want whether it is a PC or MAC. While we use and are an authorized dealer for the Lenovo Thinkpad and Thinkcentre, we understand that they may not always suite your needs and your experience with Lenovo may not be the same as ours. There are a lot of good deals out there and there are a lot of cheaply built computers out there too, so give us a call.


Out of the box, a new computer should be updated, protected and tested. Let us prepare your laptop for first use by updating the system, remove unnecessary bloatware and installing the latest software and updates to get the most out of your new computer. In addition, Watersong Computers will provide a 30 day period where we will call tech support for a hardware repair on your behalf.